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Hello and welcome to Somerville’s web portal! By default, the page you are on shows all of the meetings of the Board of Aldermen and its committees. It also links to the videos of the School Committee’s meetings. To see meetings for a particular meeting group, please select your choice from the drop-down list to your left.


Below you’ll see some of our upcoming and past meetings. If you don’t see the meeting you want, click on the phrase, "See more . . .” at the bottom of the list. Clicking on the meeting date itself will take you to the web version of the agenda, complete with agenda outline, items, attachments, and media (if available). You can also use this web version to see details on individual agenda items.


From this page you may download agendas or minutes by clicking on the applicable documents to the right of the meeting date. Depending on your browser and settings, the PDF document will either open within your browser or be downloaded to your computer.


You may also choose to click on the video option to the right of the meeting date, which will take you to our web portal’s Video Outline view. In this view, you’ll be able to see the video for the meeting and clicking on items on the outline will not only show the item details, but will also jump to the place in the video where the item was discussed.


The Search function at the top right of this page will allow you to search through all of the Board’s agendas, minutes, and other documents, back to June 10, 2010. You may search by one word, several words, and even by document number. Once you press enter from this page, you will be taken to the search results page, which will enable you to sort results or refine your search criteria.


The Boards+ tab at the top of this page provides information on the membership of the meeting groups available through this portal.


Please feel free to explore the site and make the most out of Somerville’s web portal. If you have any questions, contact the City Clerk, John J. Long, at Enjoy!


Upcoming Meetings

May, 2017
Open Space, Environment and Energy Special Committee - Committee Meeting
Land Use Committee - Committee of the Whole
Finance Committee - Committee Meeting
Legislative Matters Committee - Committee Meeting
Confirmation of Appointments and Personnel Matters Committee - Committee Meeting
Land Use Committee - Committee of the Whole
Youth Services Committee - Committee Meeting
Licenses and Permits Committee - Committee Meeting
Board of Aldermen - Special Meeting
District Improvement Financing Governing Board - Regular Meeting
Board of Aldermen - Regular Meeting
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Past Meetings

April, 2017
Board of Aldermen - Regular Meeting
Legislative Matters Committee - Committee of the Whole
Finance Committee - Committee Meeting
School Committee - Regular Meeting
Housing and Community Development Committee - Committee Meeting
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