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Jun 13, 2013 7:00 PM

Courtney O'Keefe submitting comments re: #194444, SomerStreets street closures.


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Good afternoon,


I hope this email finds you doing well and getting ready for a little more snow.


While watching the Board of Aldermen meeting, I overheard the conversation on the amount of events causing road closures and detours which are certainly annoying for residents and visitors alike. What I wanted to comment on are the SomerStreets events that, I think, can be moved to city locations that can serve the purpose of bringing the community together while making minimal impact on our neighbors and their busy weekend lives.


In looking at the city, could I suggest using streets by parks as an alternative to closing down a major thoroughfare? By doing this, you can accommodate a large crowd, keep them contained and pose a small to no inconvenience. Franey Road by Trum Field is a good example of how a street can be closed down and enough space is present to have a great event. There are 5 SomerStreet events total and, in looking at their locations, I think can all be placed by open spaces-making it easier for everyone. I would really hate to see these get cancelled as I find them to be a great opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. Do you think moving these events would lessen the aggravation level a little for residents who are frequently inconvenienced?


I would also hate to see Road Races cancelled or decreased because of the amount of revenue it brings to local businesses. Believe it or not, Magoun Square benefits from Road Races run in Davis Square which serves as great visibility for the business district!


I look forward to discussing this at subcommittee meetings should this issue be added on to any agendas.


Thank you very much for all you do for the City...not said often enough!!



Courtney O'Keefe

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