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Dec 20, 2011 7:00 PM

That this Board objects to any further delay in the 2014 completion date for the Green Line Extension.


Department:Board of AldermenSponsors:Alderman At Large William A. White Jr., Bruce M. Desmond, Ward Six Alderman Rebekah L. Gewirtz, Alderman At Large John M. Connolly, Ward Four Alderman Walter F. Pero, Ward Two Alderman Maryann M. Heuston, Ward One Alderman William M. Roche, Alderman At Large Dennis M. Sullivan, Ward Five Alderman Sean T. O’Donovan, Ward Seven Alderman Robert C. Trane

Official Text

WHEREAS,               The construction of Route 93 through the City of Somerville has had a devastating impact on the air quality of the City because of the pollutants generated by traffic on that highway, especially during rush hours, where historically there have been substantial, almost-daily, traffic jams generating even more pollutants; and


WHEREAS,               The construction of the “Big Dig” further exacerbated air quality in the City of Somerville by diverting traffic through the City and creating even worse traffic jams on Route 93; and


WHEREAS,               Many of the major traffic arteries in the City of Somerville are heavily used by non-Somerville residents traveling to and from the City of Boston, thereby generating substantial pollution and thwarting economic development in many areas of the City; and


WHEREAS,               A substantial portion of the City’s population that would be classified as an “environment justice population” lives within Somerville’s boundaries; and


WHEREAS,               The Commonwealth of Massachusetts enacted a State Implementation Plan (SIP) to reduce ozone emissions in the Greater Boston Area because of non-attainment of standards required by the Federal Clean Air Act; and


WHEREAS,               The previous version of the SIP that had been codified at 310 CMR 7, had expressly required the construction of an operating rapid transit Green Line Extension through Somerville before December 31, 2011 at 310 CMR 7.36(h)1; and


WHEREAS,               The current SIP extends the completion date of the Green Line Extension until 2014 without providing any mitigation to the City of Somerville during the delay; and


WHEREAS,               The City of Somerville expended substantial money and time by rewriting  zoning ordinances and engaging in extensive planning to promote economic development based on the Commonwealth’s commitment to complete the Green Line Extension by 2014; and


WHEREAS,              The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has announced that the Green Line completion may be delayed until 2020; and


WHEREAS,                             Any further slippage in the completion date beyond 2014 would result in unnecessary health and economic burdens on the residents of the City of Somerville; NOW THEREFORE BE IT


RESOLVED,              That MOTIVATED BY AN URGENT CONCERN FOR THE IMPACT OF ANY FURTHER DELAY ON THE HEALTH AND ECONOMIC WELLBEING OF THE RESIDENTS OF THE CITY OF SOMERVILLE, this Board of Aldermen hereby objects to any further delay in the 2014 completion date for the Green Line Extension; AND BE IT FURTHER


RESOLVED,               That this Board of Aldermen requests that the Mayor consult with the City Solicitor with regard to instituting legal action against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a result of this announced delay to the Green Line Extension and report back to this Board; AND BE IT FURTHER


RESOLVED,              That the City Clerk be instructed to transmit copies of this Resolution to Governor Deval L. Patrick, to Kenneth L. Kimmel, the Commissioner of the DEP, and to Richard Davey, incoming Mass DOT Secretary and CEO.


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