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Requesting a transfer of $20,000 in the Public Health Dept., from the Salaries Acct. to the Professional and Technical Services Acct., to fund the Healthy Dining Initiative Consultant.


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Honorable Board of Aldermen


Due to restrictions in the use of grant funding the original intent to fund the work of our Shape Up Somerville Approved Menu Healthy Dining initiative cannot be supported by a MADPH grant. 


The MADPH grant will allow funding for the SUS Coordinator, currently supported by the salary line in the Personal Services area of the Health Department budget. I respectfully request moving $20,000.00 dollars from the Salaries line of the Health Department Personal Services budget to the Professional/Technical services line to fund the Healthy Dining initiative consultant.


The SUS coordinator position will be fully funded by the afore mentioned grant funding and the remaining funding in the Personal Services line after the$20,000.00 transfer.


Thank you for your consideration.


Respectfully submitted,


Joseph A. Curtatone


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Nov 22, 2011 7:00 PM Video Board of Aldermen Regular Meeting
Feb 9, 2012 7:00 PM Video Board of Aldermen Regular Meeting