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Requesting the appropriation of $21,057,375 in order to fund the July 2020 General Fund Continuing Appropriations Budget.


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Official Text

To the Honorable City Council:


I respectfully request an appropriation of $21,057,375 for the purpose of funding the July 2020 General Fund Continuing Appropriations Budget.


The appropriation contains the necessary Personal Services, Ordinary Maintenance, and Special Items required to sustain city operations for the month of July 2020, as defined by city department heads.

The Annual General Fund Appropriations Budget for FY2021 will supersede this appropriation once it has been formally passed.


My staff will be available to address any questions you may have. Thank you for your consideration of this item.


Respectfully Submitted,

Joseph A. Curtatone, Mayor

Meeting History

Jun 30, 2020 6:00 PM Video City Council Special Meeting

Finance Director Ed Bean described the budget being submitted as a one-month continuing appropriation for the month of July, which is required by State law whenever an annual budget is not in place by July 1. The State has recognized that the Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult for municipalities to develop this year’s budgets in a timely manner. Without this appropriation, the City has no authority to spend funds. This budget has been developed with sufficient funds to meet all current payroll expenses with no new positions funded except for one week of a new Racial and Social Justice Director. Ordinary Maintenance accounts are based on the departments’ anticipated expenditures. Once the City Council adopts a full-year FY21 budget, that budget will supersede this one. Mr. Bean noted that Department Heads were in attendance remotely to answer any questions. Councilor Scott asked for details of the Police Department’s budget, and Budget Director Michael Mastrobuoni directed him to a separate file in the OpenGov platform that displays a department’s detailed budget.

AYES:Wilfred N. Mbah, Mary Jo Rossetti, Kristen Strezo, William A. White Jr., Matthew McLaughlin, Jefferson Thomas ("J.T.") Scott, Ben Ewen-Campen, Jesse Clingan, Mark Niedergang, Lance L. Davis, Katjana Ballantyne