Legislative Matters Committee
Committee Meeting
10/11/2011 7:00 PM
Committee Room – 2nd Floor – City Hall
City Hall   93 Highland Avenue   Somerville,, MA 02143
I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Agenda Item
1. 189056 : An Ordinance Regarding Providing a Procedure for Reasonable Accommodation in the City's Land Use and Zoning and Building Regulations Pursuant to the Fair Housing Laws.
2. 189229 : Maryanne Manfra Submitting Comments Re: #188655, Amending the Local Historic District Ordinance (Group B).
3. 189880 : That the Environmental Programs Manager investigate creating a paper/plastic recycling initiative at fast food establishments.
4. 190445 : That the Director of SPCD meet with representatives from Federal Realty Investment Trust and the utility companies involved in Assembly Square on the Stretch Energy Code, and report back to the Committee on Legislative Matters on or before February 1, 2011.
5. 190446 : That the Director of SPCD consult the the Boston Society of Architects about building projects with the Stretch Energy Code and report back to the Committee on Legislative Matters with any recommendations.
6. 190686 : That the City Solicitor draft an ordinance requiring properties of a certain use and size, to obtain a permit before using an amplified sound system, and be soundproofed.
7. 190737 : Requesting approval of an amendment to the Ordinances at Chapter 12 regarding the Placement and Maintenance of News racks.
a. Newsrack Ordinance revisions (staff report) 1-13-11
b. Newsrack Ordinance revisions (ordinance) 1-13-11 (DRAFT)
8. 190758 : That this Board amends Ordinance Section 2-355, aka The Responsible Employer Ordinance, as noted within. (see attachment)
a. Responsible Employer Ordinance Proposed Revisions
9. 190781 : Requesting an amendment to the Code of Ordinances to establish regulations for paving driveways and other impervious surfaces.
a. Pervious Surfaces - muni code (ordinance) 1-27-11
b. Pervious surfaces - muni code (staff report) 1-27-11
10. 191045 : Requesting an amendment to the Local Historic District Map to add 1 property to the existing Florence-Myrtle District (remaining unapproved property from Group D).
d. LHD Expansion_Group D not yet approved_Attachment IV_Ordinance
11. 191050 : That the Director of SPCD inform this Board how the city can protect our residents when developers with a history of building or other code violations seek permits for new projects.
12. To move into Executive Session to discuss issues pertaining to item #191050.
13. 191068 : That the City Solicitor, the Chief of Police and the Director of SPCD (ISD) draft amendments to the noise ordinance to deal with organizations using enhanced sound systems in RA and RB districts and report back to the Committee on Legislative Matters at its April 26th meeting.
14. 191351 : Sixty registered voters submitting a "Proposed Ordinance to Ensure that Development Financed with the Sale of DIF Bonds Yields Jobs for Somerville Residents."
a. Public Comm Proposed Ordinance re DIF
15. 191563 : That the City adopt the attached Local Hiring Ordinance.
a. DRAFT - Somerville Local Hiring Ordinance
16. 191671 : That the Director of SPCD (Planning) report to this Board on the feasiblity of changing the zoning ordinance to allow shared-car space as a use in the RA and RB districts, as the current ordinance prohibits most residents from renting a driveway space to ZipCar.
17. 191744 : Requesting an amendment to the Local Historic District Map to create 4 new Districts (Winter Hill, Hinckley-Magoun, College Ave. Corridor of Faith, and Teele Sq.) and add 17 properties to these Districts, and to add 1 property to an existing District (East Somerville) (Group E).
a. Group E Staff Report to Mayor - Final Draft
b. Att. I. Group E Narrative Report FINAL
c. Att II. Group E Survey Form B's - combined
d. Att. III. Responses Spreadsheet - Group E Final Draft
e. Att. IV. Group E Ordinance - Final Draft
f. Att V Final Report fr SHPC to BOA - Gp E- w SHPC Vote
18. 191788 : Requesting approval of a Home Rule Petition authorizing the increase of the number of liquor licenses that the Licensing Commission may issue.
a. Liquor License increase HRP Final Draft
19. 191931 : That the City Solicitor draft an ordinance fining homeowners and contractors who remove a Stop Work order posted by the City on buildings undergoing unauthorized construction work.
20. 192033 : William Campbell submitting comments re: H1972, An Act Regulating Election Primaries.
a. Public Comm William Campbell re H1972

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