Board of Aldermen
Regular Meeting
9/7/2010 7:00 PM
Aldermanic Chambers
City Hall   93 Highland Avenue   Somerville, MA 02143
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Roll Call
1. 190049 : Call of the Roll.
2. 190050 : Approval of the Minutes of the Special Meeting of June 29, 2010, and the Regular Meeting of July 8, 2010.
1. 07-08-2010
2. 06-29-2010 Special
3. 190051 : Commending Bert Gay on the happy occasion of his 70th birthday.
4. 190052 : Commending Jason Santos, Executive Chef at Gargoyles, who was named a Finalist on the "Hell's Kitchen" reality TV show.
5. 190053 : Grant of Location Submitted By National Grid, to install 4,415 feet of 12" steel main gas line from the intersection of Pearl and Pinckney Sts. east to Pearl, north on Mt. Vernon, across Broadway, along Lombardi Way, across Mystic, then along Assembly Sq. Dr. to Ikea Way, along with accessory 8" plastic stubs.
6. 190054 : The Committee on Public Utilities and Public Works will meet Wednesday, September 8, at 7 PM, in the Aldermen’s Chambers, to Discuss the Recent Power Outages. Representatives from NSTAR, the State, Somerville’s State Delegation, and City Officials Have Been Asked to Participate. This Meeting is Open to the Public.
7. 190055 : That the Director of SPCD (ISD) Consult with the Law Office to Obtain an Administrative Search Warrant to Examine 22 Forster Street and Then Issue All Appropriate Citations and Pursue Legal Action If Necessary.
8. 190056 : That the Clerk of Committees Send a Communication to the Owner of the Armory and to Arts at the Armory, that They Send to This Board the Consultant's Armory Noise Report before the Next Meeting of the Committee on Public Health and Public Safety, Scheduled for September 20 at 6 PM, and that Representatives of the Armory Appear at that Meeting.
9. 190057 : That the Chief of Police Appear Before the Committee on Public Health and Public Safety to Discuss Crime Statistics for the Summer Months.
10. 190058 : That the Director of SPCD Provide This Board with the Latest Revision to the City's Rodent Control Policies before the Next Meeting of the Committee on Public Health and Public Safety, and appear with Appropriate Designees at Said Meeting.
11. 190059 : That the Commissioner of Public Works Re-Pave Irving Street.
12. 190060 : That the Director of SPCD (ISD) Monitor Jack Hammering Activities Near Henry Street to Ensure Compliance with the Noise Ordinance in the Early Morning Hours.
13. 190061 : That This Board Requests that the State Dept. of Public Health Perform a Health and Risk Study and Offer Remediation to Deal with the Issue of Highway Pollution to the Neighborhoods in East Somerville, Adjacent to Route 93.
14. 190062 : That the Commissioner of Public Works Direct the Appropriate Utility to Remove the Double Pole at 29 Delaware Street and Check the Utility Lines for Safety as They Appear to be Touching the House.
15. 190063 : That the Commissioner of Public Works Clean the Alley Way at the Edgerly School, Between Otis and Bonair Streets.
16. 190064 : That the Commissioner of Public Works Clean the Conway Park Basketball Courts of All Trash.
17. 190065 : That the Commissioner of Public Works Re-Pave Bow Street in the Immediate Future.
18. 190066 : That the Director of Traffic and Parking Consider Establishing a 90 Day Visitor Parking Permit for Designated Areas Within the City.
19. 190067 : That the Commissioner of Public Works Replace the City Gas Lamps at College Avenue and Winter Street and in Statue Park.
20. 190068 : That the Commissioner of Public Works Notify the Appropriate Utility to Repair the Streetlamps at at Morrison and Newberne Aves., 256 Morrison Ave., 22 Winslow Ave., Ciampa Manor, and College and Park Aves.
21. 190069 : That the Commissioner of Public Works Clean and Maintain the Community Garden on Allen Street.
22. 190070 : That the Director of Traffic and Parking Increase PCO Presence on Columbia Street to Enforce Parking Regulations.
23. 190071 : That the Commissioner of Public Works Pave Hammond Street and Park Place.
24. 190072 : That the City Solicitor Draft an Ordinance to Regulate and Require Permits for Paving on Residential and Commercial Properties.
25. 190073 : That the Chief of Police Order Directed Patrols of the Norfolk Street Area and the Sacramento Street Underpass to Deter Vagrants, and that the Commissioner of Public Works Regularly Remove Debris from Those Areas.
26. 190074 : That the Commissioner of Public Works direct NStar to report why repeated requests to replace a missing street lamp at 575 Windsor Street and to repair the street light at 11 Joseph Street have been ignored.
27. 190075 : That the Director of Finance Provide This Board with Information Regarding Monthly and Quarterly Variance Reports by Department, or the Method by Which Actual Departmental Expenses Are Reconciled to the Budget on a Regular Basis.
A. 190076 : Report of the Committee on Confirmation of Appointments, September 7, 2010.
a. Committee Report - C of A - 9-7-10
B. 189896 : Requesting the Appointment of Carlene Campbell to the Commission for Persons with Disabilities.
C. 189955 : Request the appointment of Jay McKenzie to the position of Permanent Firefighter.
D. 189956 : Requesting the appointment of Thomas Medeiros to the position of Permanent Firefighter.
E. 189957 : Requesting the appointment of David Pantanella to the position of Permanent Firefighter.
F. 189958 : Requesting the appointment of Ann Kardos to the Board of Trustees of the Somerville Public Library.
A. 190077 : Report of the Committee on Finance, September 1, 2010.
a. Committee Report - Finance - 9-1-10
B. 189945 : Requesting the appropriation of $529,954 from the Capital Stabilization Fund to replace the Police vehicles and radios that were damaged as a result of the severe rain storm that occurred on July 10, 2010.
C. 189946 : Requesting approval of a transfer of a total of $100,000 of available funds in various Salaries Accounts and the Interest on Notes-BAN Account, for the Flood Costs-Insurance Deductible Account, to fund the deductible for the building insurance policy following the July 10 flood.
D. 189947 : Requesting the appropriation of a mitigation payment of $100,000 from IKEA to the Wellington Undercarriage Stabilization Fund, to assist with the Mystic River Reservation Shared Use Path.
a. Rt 28 Undercarriage (IKEA $100k) (staff report) 8-26-10 FINAL
E. 189950 : Requesting approval of a lease for the Lower Broadway Police Substation at 79-83 Broadway, from 9/1/10 through 8/31/11, for $1,375 per month.
F. 189951 : Requesting approval for an extension of Contract #08-011, Design Consultants Inc., for the Broadway Streetscape Improvement Project, to October 1, 2013.
a. DCI Contract Extension (Staff Report) 8 26 10
G. 189952 : Requesting the acceptance of a citywide Hazardous Substance Assessment Grant of $200,000 from the Environmental Protection Agency for the redevelopment of brownfield sites.
a. Haz Subst Assess Grant 2010 (staff report) 8-26-10 FINAL
b. Award Letter
H. 189953 : Requesting acceptance of a grant of $9,900 by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s Highway Safety Division to the Police for the Underage Alcohol Enforcement Grant Program.
30. 190078 : Requesting an appropriation of $1,940,788 from the Receipts Reserved for Appropriation-Insurance Losses Account to the East Somerville School Renovations Account, to begin the process of reconstructing the East Somerville Community School.
31. 190079 : Requesting the authorization of the Veteran’s Memorial Ice Rink Revolving Fund for Fiscal Year 2011.
32. 190080 : Requesting an appropriation of $200,000 from the Capital Stabilization Fund Unallocated Balance Account to the Veteran’s Memorial Ice Rink Revolving Fund for start-up operations for the ice rink.
33. 190081 : Requesting the acceptance of a $490,000 Transit Oriented Development Grant from Mass DOT for the MaxPak site.
a. MaxPak TOD Grant (Staff Report) 9-7-10
b. TOD Award Letter 8-19-10
34. 190082 : Requesting the Appointment of Barbara Butler to the Commission for Persons with Disabilities.
35. 190083 : Director of Traffic and Parking responding to various Board Orders.
36. 190084 : Asst. City Solicitor responding to BOA #189685 re: proposing an ordinance to ban text messaging while driving.
37. 190085 : Public Event Permit, Somerville Dog Festival, Conway Park, Sep 19, 10-3PM.
38. 190086 : Public Event Permit, Malvern Ave. Block Party, Malvern Ave., Sep 25, 2PM (raindate Sep 26).
39. 190087 : Renewing Flammables License, Broadway Henry LLC, 38-44 Broadway, 6,256 gallons.
40. 190088 : Renewing Garage License, Broadway Henry LLC, 28-30 Broadway, 4 autos inside, 6 outside.
41. 190089 : New Garage License, Elias & Abe Auto Repair Inc., 258 Broadway, Mechanical repairs and storing vehicles, 3 autos inside, 27 outside.
42. 190090 : New Outdoor Seating License, West Somerville Dental Associates, 124 College Ave., 1 A-Frame sign, 1 table, 1 chair.
43. 190091 : Sign Permit, Las Brisas Restaurant, 561 McGrath Hwy. 2 awnings.
44. 190092 : Renewing Lodging House License, ATO Associates Inc., 134 Professors Row.
45. 190093 : Renewing Lodging House License, Kappa Charge Theta Delta Chi, 123 Packard Ave.
46. 190094 : Renewing Extended Operating Hours License, Kee Kar Lau, 1158 Broadway, Su-Th to 1:30AM, Fr-Sa to 2AM
47. 190095 : That the Commissioner of Public Works install street signs for Maine Avenue and Maine Terrace.
48. 190096 : That the Director of SPCD provide this Board with information regarding the Green Line extension track layout and its impacts around the Brickbottom area, addressing such issues as: recent survey information which shows property lines closer than originally anticipated; Mass DOT's plans to use a "five foot strip" on the Union Square side; and the entire right of way on the mainline side and track alignments.
49. 190097 : That the Director of SPCD update this Board on discussions for air rights uses for the Green Line extension maintenance facility, particularly regarding a stadium.
50. 190098 : Public Event Permit, Oxford St. Block Party, Oxford St. between Hersey and School Sts., Sep 18, 3-9PM.
51. 190099 : Public Event Permit, Highland Rd. Block Party, Highland Rd. between Morrison and Kidder Aves., Sep 26, 2-8PM (raindate Oct 3).
52. 190100 : Public Event Permit, Somerville Pop Warner Canning Drive, Citywide, Oct 2 & 30, 9-5PM.
53. 190101 : New Garage License, Eleftherios Miaris dba Teddy's Foreign Motors, 86 Joy St., 10 autos in, 5 out.
54. 190102 : That the Director of SPCD appear before the Committee on Housing and Community Development to discuss the planning process to install the new signage proposed for Route 28 and Shore Drive.

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