Public Health and Public Safety Committee
Committee Meeting
11/3/2011 6:00 PM
VNA - Lowell Street
259 Lowell St.   Somerville, MA 02144
I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Agenda Item
1. 190999 : That this Board's Committee on Public Health and Public Safety once again address the safety of the abandoned building at 82 Pearson Avenue, which remains in disrepair.
2. 191733 : That the Director of Communications update this Board regarding the July 7 phone outage that affected the Fire Dept. and explain what steps have been taken to ensure it will not happen again.
3. 192035 : That the City Solicitor and the Administration explore the legality and feasibility of banning HAZMAT trucks from driving through the City.
4. 192046 : That the Director of SPCD dispatch the Neighborhood Inspection Team to 113-115 Hillsdale Road to examine the property for code violations.
5. 192047 : That the Director of SPCD (ISD) inspect 100-102 West Adams Street for overcrowding.
6. 192048 : That the City Solicitor contact the owner of 100-102 West Adams Street regarding overcrowding.
7. 192056 : That the Commissioner of Public Works, or his representative, attend the next meeting of the Public Health and Safety Committee to discuss further measures to reduce the noise of the freezer fan at the Winter Hill Community School.
8. 192058 : That this Board requests that a representative from the Administration appear before the Public Health and Safety Committee to provide an update on the proposed Bicycle/Pedestrian Public Safety Campaign.
9. 192096 : That the Committee on Public Health and Safety place Albion Park and its related noise issues on the next possible agenda to discuss lighting and basketball play at all hours of the night.
10. 192100 : That this Board requests that the Administration update this Board on actions proposed and taken regarding the negative impact of activities, lighting, and noise on the quality of life in the neighborhoods abutting Conway Park and the Skating Rink.

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