I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Minutes Approval
1. Minutes of Jan 25, 2017 6:00 PM
III. Agenda Item
2. 202726 : That the Director of SPCD report to this Board the City’s position on installing artificial turf fields with crumb rubber infill while the US EPA studies the potential health and environmental hazards of such infill, and explain why the City doesn't use organic infill.
3. 202740 : Requesting the appropriation of $2,335,038 from the Salary Contingency and Salary and Wage Stabilization Fund to various Police Department Personal Services Accounts to fund retroactive and FY17 wage provisions of the JLMC Police Employees Association.
a. Order-SPD JLMC Decision
b. JLMC Decision POLICE Dec 2016
4. 202741 : Requesting authorization to borrow $500,000 in a bond, and appropriate the same amount, for ADA accessibility building improvements.
a. ADA
5. 202742 : Requesting authorization to borrow $410,000 in a bond, and appropriate the same amount, for Phase 2 of the Building Assessment / Preventive Maintenance Plan / Master Plan Project.
a. Building Assessment Phase 2
6. 202757 : Requesting an appropriation and authorization to borrow $375,000 in a bond for the construction of a U8 Winter Hill Community School Soccer Field.
a. Winter Hill Playground
7. 202758 : Requesting approval to pay prior year invoices totaling $36,730.52 using available funds within various Department of Public Works accounts.
a. SKM_454e16120915220
b. SKM_454e16120915211
c. SKM_454e16120915212
d. SKM_454e16120915210
e. SKM_454e16120915201
f. SKM_454e16120915200
g. SKM_454e16120915190
h. SKM_454e17010609180
i. SKM_454e17010719471
j. SKM_454e17010719470
k. MX-4070N_20170125_092157
8. 202759 : Requesting acceptance of a 12 month lease of the West Somerville Police Substation and office space at 1112-1114 Broadway.
IV. Communications
A. Committee Meeting Handout
1. Wage Provisions (with 202740)
2. Debt Summary (with 202741, 202742, 202757)
3. Site Context (with 202757)