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I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Minutes Approval
1. Minutes of Apr 8, 2019 6:00 PM
III. Agenda Item
2. 206232 : That the Administration install portable toilets at playgrounds and the following parks: Albion, Dickerman, North Street, Lincoln (when it reopens), Marshall Street, Chuckie Harris, Kenney, Grimmons, Healey, Hoyt-Sullivan (when it reopens) and Conway, no later than July 2018.
3. 206188 : That the Administration update this Board prior to July 12, 2018, on providing public restrooms at public parks, including parks that will be used by programs that would otherwise use Conway Park, including Dickerman Park.
4. 206643 : That the Administration report on how the port-a-potty pilot went this summer, whether or not it can be expanded, and how residents should notify the city if port-a-potties need cleaning.
5. 207913 : That the Administration have Port-a-Potties available at the public parks for the 2019 summer months.
Recycling/Composting Pilot
6. 205290 : That the Commissioner of Public Works share the process of handling different types of cafeteria waste, including recyclables and food waste.
7. 206854 : That the Director of Health and Human Services work with the Public Schools to allow whole fruits to be saved for use as snacks, given that many children often go without snacks.
8. 207948 : That the Administration report to this Council the specific plans to expand school cafeteria recycling and food waste reduction and collection programs beyond the current pilot program.
Cleaning Products
9. 206701 : That the Commissioner of Public Works report on the materials and practices used for school cleaning in terms of their impact on childhood health conditions, such as asthma.
Kennedy Playground
10. 204871 : That the Administration report to this Board, by the next Youth Services Committee meeting, on ways to keep the Kennedy School playground open for public use during non-school day daytime hours.
11. 205361 : That the Director of Parks and Recreation and the Superintendent of Schools share their policies and procedures for allocating indoor spaces and outdoor spaces, in particular for local or youth-serving organizations.
12. 206858 : That the Director of Personnel work with the School District to advertise open City or School positions to families of Public School students.
13. 207724 : That the Director of SomerPromise discuss with this Council, the anticipated closure of Freedom School this summer.