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I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Agenda Item
1. 209663 : That the City Solicitor draft an ordinance requiring pollution mitigation for new housing built along high transit roads and highways.
2. 210003 : That the City Solicitor draft an ordinance formally recognizing domestic partnerships.
3. 210195 : City Solicitor submitting an amendment to the Municipal Ordinances to provide for the appointment of the Clerk and Assistant Clerks of Committees by this Council.
a. Appointing Clerks of Committees
b. C79, Acts of 2020
4. 210233 : That this Council draft an ordinance to establish a Use of Force Policy applicable to municipal law enforcement agencies.
5. 210235 : Calling upon this Council to create a Police Commission and a Community Police Review Agency.
6. 210291 : That the City Solicitor draft an ordinance, prior to this Council's June 25 meeting, banning racial profiling.
III. Communications
A. Committee Meeting Handout
1. S2307 - Signed Parchment (with 210195)
2. Clerks of Committes 6-16-2020 (with 210195)
3. newyorkcity-ny-1 (with 210291)
4. Biased Based Policing (with 210291)
5. Jackson, MS Code of Ordinances (with 210291)
6. Lawrence, MA Code of Ordinances (with 210291)
7. ord-_38-_fair_and_impartial_policing_final_for_sb_signature (with 210291)