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I. Call to Order
Roll Call
II. Minutes Approval
1. Minutes of Aug 17, 2020 6:00 PM
III. Agenda Item
2. 209798 : That the Director of Health and Human Services appear before this Council with an update on measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and to support anyone who may become infected.
3. 210428 : That the Administration advise this Council as soon as possible, what oversight it will implement with Tufts University, following Tufts' decision to invite all undergraduate students back to campus for the fall 2020 semester.
4. 210460 : That the Administration and the Traffic Commission cease all dedicated Tufts shuttle stops and remove all associated signage in Ward 6, particularly in Davis Square, without delay.
5. 210606 : That the Director of Health and Human Services and Tufts University provide this Council with weekly updates on the number of unique COVID-19 tests administered to Tufts undergraduate and graduate students until all students have been tested.
IV. Communications
A. Committee Meeting Handout
1. 200914 Situation Summary for City Council (with 209798)